The bulk of family planning providers may be divided into the
two subgroups namely public sector Ministries of Health and
Population Welfare (and their associated Provincial
Departments), and NGOs & private sector health providers. In
addition many women selfpurchase family planning supplies
directly from stores without the services of a health provider.
Adjusting the current users of contraception for women who
were sterilized or received IUDs in previous 12 months, the
annual number of women receiving services in any given year
drops to around 2.9 million women (of the 5.1 million users of
modern contraception) served.
These figures correspond to a 35% contribution by the public
sector, 11% by private providers and NGOs and the remaining
>50% is self purchase by women/ couples. Most of the services
(82%) in the private sector are the sale of condoms and pills. In
the public sector no particular method predominates.
Distribution of condoms, injectable contraceptives and pills each
account for 2429% of the services provided and female
sterilization services for around 13%.